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This and That

22 Mar

I didn’t really know what to ‘title’ this post just because there is so much to catch you all up on 🙂  As I sit here on the couch after dropping Henry off at school for his first field trip and laying Thomas down for his morning nap, I catch myself taking a deep breath and relaxing.  Last night, very late, daddy returned from being away for a week (counting the weekend which was the worst part).  He was in Milan, Italy, Oslow, Norway and then Stockholm, Sweden.  It’s so nice to have him here, especially for my emotional wellbeing.

Yes Henry had his first field trip today for school.  We had to drop his car seat off to because they are taking a big charter bus for the entire school (grades Educative Kindergarten, which Henry is in to Primary school grade 2) to a Papiliorama, or butterfly farm.  It’s an all day excursion where they leave at 9 am and return at 3:30pm.  I’m excited to see how the day goes.  Henry has made a bunch of new friends at school, mostly girls 🙂  There are 4 girls that I know of so far that speak English and they are so darn cute, 2 of them being twins.  As I dropped Henry off yesterday, Henry was a little upset and one of the girls who is a little older and has a British accent assured me saying “Don’t worry, I’ll look after him.”

Last Friday Thomas really took off with his walking and ever since he is super independent.  He has to walk everywhere, to and in the elevator in our house, to the car in the garage and all over the park.  I love it and Henry really enjoys it too, almost like ‘wow he can play with me now!’

I’ve looked online all week to try and find Easter activities for the boys to do this weekend but have come up with nothing 😦  So the next best thing; Cailler Chocolate which is about a 45 minute drive from us, is opening it’s doors to the public for free this Sunday because they’ve just had their 1 millionth visitor.  They have a bunch on family and children activities planned so we’re excited to see it.

Next weekend is Easter and I can’t believe it!  We’ve decided to go to our chalet in the Swiss/French Alps and spend Easter there.  Since Italy is only a 45 minute drive from there, we’re going to do a few day trips to there and Zermatt, Switzerland.  I read that the Easter bunny will be skiing in Champery next weekend, so Henry and I hope to get one last run in before the seasons over.

Now for some recent photos:

Eating dinner at Henry's table

Eating dinner at Henry’s table

Daddy and Henry doing their exercises

Daddy and Henry doing their exercises

Blowing on Henry's 'hot' scrambled eggs

Blowing on Henry’s ‘hot’ scrambled eggs

Those curls

Those curls

Henry eating his chocolate ice cream bar

Henry eating his chocolate ice cream bar

Reading books

Reading books

Love my boys

Love my boys

Making guacamole with Mommy

Making guacamole with Mommy

Very concentrated on his walking skills

Very concentrated on his walking skills





Our week in Paradise

8 Mar

We have made it back to Switzerland safely and the boys are recovered from their jet lag for the most part.

Our vacation started off very early on Thursday, February 21st.  It was our 4th anniversary and we were able to spend it on planes, trains and automobiles with our 2 boys – that’s love 🙂  Our day started at 4 am Swiss time, or 10 pm EST.  To sum it up, by the time we got home and put the boys to bed, it was a 22 hour day of travel.

We were able to enjoy some family time while we were home, and I was able to attend Asia’s baby shower.  Sunday morning we left Philadelphia for our week of relaxation.

We arrived at St. Peter’s Resort after 2 flights and 1 boat ride (Philly to San Juan, San Juan to Tortola, Tortola to St. Peter’s via boat) around 4:30 pm.  It was a beautiful afternoon so we sat by the beach for a short while then got ready for dinner.  It was a work trip that officially started on Tuesday, however a few couple arrived a few days earlier.  That evening we had dinner  together at the resort restaurant.  It was an early night as everyone was tired from their day of travel.

The rest of the week kind of blends together.  We did a few amazing excursions, a lot of beach time, a few spa days and Pilates and tennis most days.  One evening, a group of us chartered a 50 ft boat and sailed the Caribbean until sunset, stopped by a bar for a cocktail and then had dinner at this amazing yacht club that pictures could never do justice.  It was a full moon with not a cloud in the sky on our ride back, utterly peaceful as we sat on the bow of the boat.  On Saturday we chartered a boat to fit 47 of us and we went snorkeling of a secluded reef, had lunch at Foxy’s and swam up to the Soggy Dollar Bar for their famous Painkillers.  We were on the boat from 10 am until 6 pm and it was so much fun.

We were blessed the entire week with wonderful weather, great breezes and relaxation.  A few times I thought that maybe it was too quiet, I was missing the boys.

Here are a few photos we captured, we’re still waiting for more from the others on the trip.


Beautiful Sunset at Sunset Loop


Cruising the BVIs


Virgin Gorda in the background


View of the Sunset before dinner


Our stop for drinks before dinner


Outside at the Yacht Club after an amazing dinner


The European Team


Foxy’s Shack for lunch


The boys were a delight for both of our parents ( or so they say ) and they had such a great time with the cousins and of course Maggie, my parents dog.  It’s nice to be home and get back in a routine, but boy do I miss that sunshine 🙂