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Holiday Festivities

10 Dec

Life is crazy as always around here, therefore I haven’t found a ton of time to get on here and blog about it.  At the moment, Anna is napping and I have 45 minutes before I leave to pick up Thomas from school.

Where to begin…

It’s been wonderful having my mom here, nobody beats your own mother.  With it being the holiday season, we’ve been keeping busy on weekends with all the festivities around.  My mom arrived on Friday the 22nd of November and that very next day we went to an ‘American’ Thanksgiving dinner hosted by friends of ours that we’ve met through Henry’s school.  It was a lot of fun and everyone had some ties to either being from the US or living there at one point.  There were 21+ kids there with the parents so let’s just say the house was full.  It was Anna’s first holiday to celebrate with her only being 2 weeks old.  I was a little hesitant bringing her, but I just strapped on the Ergo and she slept nestled in there the entire time!


The festivities


Thomas and Amelie eating cupcakes and playing


There were a lot of toys for the kiddos

On the actual day of Thanksgiving, our neighbors downstairs who are from Paris but lived in Seattle Washington for 5 years, hosted a gorgeous Thanksgiving dinner for friends of theirs either from the US or had worked there at one point.  It was quite convenient with us only being a staircase away.  We took turns going upstairs to check on the kiddos and once dinner was plated, my mom cuddled Anna upstairs in our place and I brought her a plate of food to enjoy.

On Sunday, December 1st, we drove to a little town of Echallens and caught an old fashion steam train complete with a Santa car.  It was like a dream come true for little Henry…a real steam engine.  It was a 20 minute train ride to another little town where it stopped and everyone could walk up to the Santa car and get their picture taken.  There was also a car with mulled wine (hot wine) for the adults.  It was truly magical, although quite chilly!


Pere Noel making his rounds by the train cars as we were about to leave


He came to our window and Henry was in awe


So magical


Family photo (with Anna hiding from the cold)

This past Saturday we walked into the town center and through the Christmas Market.  Christmas Markets are quite popular here in Europe.  They typically consist of a bunch of wooden houses that are selling items such as sweaters, ornaments, hot cider, meats, cheeses, baking supplies, etc.  It was a gorgeous day and I knew that Santa had a North Pole house set up along with live animals, so I thought it would be a great idea for the kiddos.  Well we got to Santa’s house, and he was having a difficult day to say the least.  It was a young Santa who looked as though he had been smoking something to get him through the day and he was walking around with his red pants around his ankles (he had jeans underneath).  He didn’t even notice this and everyone around couldn’t stop from laughing!  The boys were more into the animals anyway, so we’ll find another day for Santa!  We stopped by the ice skating rink and watched that for a couple minutes and then we headed home.

Saturday afternoon after the boys naps, we headed to a nearby town called Lutry to capture some Christmas card photos at sunset.


Such a beautiful sunset


Had to try a fun pic…obviously the boys weren’t into it!


Love this


Family of 5…crazy to believe

With so much outdoor time Saturday, Sunday we just stayed in and cooked to let Anna rest (and to keep her warm!) 🙂


Snuggle time with the boys and Anna after nap


He loves his sister

This Wednesday is a big day for us.  There is a town about 30 minutes away called Montreux, that has a very large Christmas Market both in the town center and in the Castle.  Along with the Christmas Market, you can reserve train tickets that take you up the mountain and ends up in a cave which is Santa’s house.  They have activities for the children such as face painting, treasure hunts, story time and more.  You get an official certificate that you met Santa as well.  Santa also speaks many languages including English which is a plus!  We’re so excited, especially since it’s suppose to be 56 degrees that day!

On another note, little miss Anna is 1 month old today.  Time really does fly by.  I’m loving this little girl more and more each and every day!


Grandma snuggles


Pretty girl


Smooshy face


Ten tiny toes