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Anna – 4 months old

20 Mar

Time seems to be escaping me and I truly can’t believe my baby girl is 4 months old!

Anna is the best baby, really she is.  She rarely cries, sleeps like a champ and pretty much smiles the rest of the day.  I always tell Henry that it’s a good thing she’s our third, because if she came first and then her brothers came after, I most likely would have thought something was wrong with the boys (with the catnaps, fussiness, etc)!

We had her 4 month appointment on Monday and she’s a growing girl:

Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz

Height: 25 2/3 inches long

Both of these approximately in the 50th percentile


She isn’t rolling over yet (different from boys which was around 13 weeks), she will roll onto her side but then just gets caught in the action of her surroundings…but boy does this little girl want to sit up.  If you lay her at any type of incline, she just lifts her head and back up.  Also, she’s a talker – it’s so funny how into the conversation she gets with her facial expressions.

She’s nursing every 3-4 hours during the day and then gets her last feeding at 9 pm and wakes up around 6 am for a feeding then up for the day around 8 am.

Unlike the boys where I was super strict about starting a routine with them at 8 weeks, I don’t really have a ‘real’ routine for her yet – during the day that is.  Also she should be going to bed earlier, but it’s been busy around here and she seems happy so I’m just going with it until we move next month into a new apartment and get settled. (P.s. our new nanny is amazing – another post for that!)

And of course, so photos of the little lady:


Getting too big too fast


Hanging out in her crib


Trying to find the right finger


Hopefully this link works!


Back from the USA

5 Mar

Again, here I am talking how it’s been forever since I’ve blogged…yada yada yada.

Anyhow, we are back from an amazing time in the US.  We left on Valentine’s Day and returned March 1st.  Overall the two VERY long travel days were good, especially since our 8 hour flight to the US took 11 hours due to weather patterns.


The boys passed out on the way to our parents after the long plane ride

We arrived Friday evening and boys were so excited to see the grandparents…as were we!  My mom was the only grandparent that had met Anna so she got lots of lovin 🙂  We enjoyed the weekend relaxing and playing with the boys and on Sunday evening Henry, Anna and I headed down to Haverford to spend some time with Henry’s brother, his wife Asia and their adorable little girl Isabella.  The guys built an enormous fire and we enjoyed dinner together while the girls slept peacefully.

We had a 7:50am flight to Miami Monday morning.  We arrived in sunny Miami around 11 and thoroughly enjoyed the much needed warmth and sunshine.  Henry had meetings Wednesday-Friday and I decided to tag along with Anna for a mini vaca.  Monday and Tuesday Henry and I were able to enjoy ourselves and the quiet.  We love our boys to death, but with the 3 kiddos it’s definitely harder to spend quality time just the hubby and I.  Anna was a superstar the entire week; sleeping poolside while we enjoyed our UV rays, sleeping in the baby bjorn during dinner and keeping up her usual routine of sleeping from 9-6am.  We are blessed with such a happy, sweet baby.

Wednesday and Thursday, Anna and I enjoyed our morning walks along the water and just relaxing by the pool.  She was so happy to be in the warm weather.  Wednesday evening we joined daddy for dinner with his team from Latin America.  Anna slept the entire dinner despite all the noise.  Thursday we went with daddy to his happy hour and then Anna and I went back to the hotel room and ordered room service and watched tv, our first of many girls night…even if she slept 🙂


He’s so in love with Anna


Napping poolside


Big smiles


Just hanging out with mommy


All dressed up for dinner with daddy’s team

Friday was our anniversary and Henry had meetings in the morning.  He finished early around 2 and we went for a long walk along the water, it was a balmy 85 degrees and we were loving every minute of it.  That evening we went out to dinner in South Beach and it was amazing.  We were able to go nice and early and enjoy the sunset.


5 year and 3 babies later, we couldn’t be more in love




Daddy’s girls

Friday was an early night since we were catching the first flight out in the morning.

We arrived home around noon on Saturday and spent some quality time with the family.

Sunday was another big day, Anna was baptized.  We had her baptized at St. Lawrence, the same church Henry was baptized at 44 years ago.  We had Henry’s sister Mary as the Godmother and our good friend/Henry’s co-worker Joseph from Louisiana as the Godfather.  It was a beautiful day for a baptism and Anna did great.


Baptizing Miss Anna Joy



Our attempt of a group photo


In my baptism gown from 31 years ago (and she was hungry thus the pacifier)



Megan and Joseph from New Orleans


Anna and Celine, 21 days apart

Ok that’s it for now, time to get a little rest since Thomas is still dealing with jet lag and was up until midnight last night.

More to come…