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Life in the south

27 Aug

We’ve been living here in metro Atlanta for just over a month now.  We have kept quite busy in those 4 weeks.  Here’s a little update – enjoy!

Week One

We arrived in Atlanta on Saturday late afternoon and we closed on our house that following Monday morning.  That was our first BIG step to establishing our life here.  We aren’t living in our house yet since we are doing a big remodel to the house such as gutting the kitchen, making a true mudroom, adding hardwood floors etc.  Currently we are living in a 3 bedroom corporate apartment (just 1/2 mile away from the house so I can manage the construction) and just enjoying life in GA and finding ways to keep cool!! Thankfully our new neighborhood has a club complete with 3 pools and 12 tennis courts.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the pool to beat this summer heat!

Week Two

After being in Atlanta for 7 nights, we packed the car (to maximum capacity) and drove the 5 hours to Sullivan’s Island SC (just outside of Charleston) for a much needed family vacation.  We rented a 5 bedroom house on the beach, invited our Atlanta cousins and Henry’s parents also joined us for the 8 days we spent there!  It was exactly what the doctor ordered – just perfect! We spent our entire day (minus naptimes) on the beach, cooked dinner on our back porch facing the Atlantic and simply enjoyed family time!  There was one day that we took a break from the heat and visited the Charleston Aquarium.  The Saturday we left, we were able to spend the day in downtown Charleston, wow such a beautiful town.


Week Three

On the Monday of week 3, we trialled a new babysitter.  I put my lululemon capris on the shelf and traded them in for a nice black dress and off I went to my interview at Emory Hospitals NICU.   The interview lasted roughly 2 hours and went really well!  


The rest of the week I continued to trial the babysitter and I ran errands, did a few barre classes, etc.  other than that I didn’t do much but play with the kiddos and help them adjust to our new normal.

Sunday was Henry’s 5th Birthday so we headed down to the Atlanta Zoo and had an amazing morning!  That evening we enjoyed a family birthday party at the hubby’s brothers house – they decorated their house and all for Henry!!


Week Four

We trialled another babysitter as the last was just 19 yo and may need to do overnights if I work a night shift.  Again I just had appointments regarding the construction and such.  Mid week I received my offer to work at Emory (insert me being super excited) therefore I needed to start getting all things in line such as paperwork, health assessment and recertifications.  

Thomas got his first non-mommy real haircut!! He was a superstar!!

On Tuesday I took Henry to a local playgroup at our outdoor mall – he loved all the attention and even got to pick out his backback for school.

 During the week I also interviewed more candidates because you can never be too sure.  Ends up I’m super happy that we continued to interview since I’m less than satisfied with the current one.  She’s not once been on time (always 5-15 minutes late) and has never really done this before.  One day I came home and Anna’s diaper was so wet that her clothes were completely soaked 😢

On a good note I’m 99% sure we found the one and she’s coming tomorrow for a trial.  She’s been a full time nanny for a family of 4 Littles so she defiantly has experienced abc seems super nice.  Plus the first time I met her I just had a feeling that she would be right – a moms intuition!  Wish us luck! 🍀

About my upcoming job if you care to know: I’ll be working 1 day a week in the NICU but will be crossed trained to catch the babies in the delivery room.  This really is my dream job and I’m so blessed to have found a place to work with such flexibility… and its only a 10 minute drive!  

Anyway, on Saturday we enjoyed the pool with daddy and had our first bbq at the new house, complete with hotdogs and smores.

That’s it for now!!