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DATL Summer Edition

17 Jul

                         July 9, 2015

                     Me : 32 years old

                 Daddy : 45 years old

          Henry : Almost 5 (1 month to go)

               Thomas : 3 1/2 years old

           Anna : 20 months old exactly

 {Daddy is traveling this week and is currently in Atlanta so I’m solo parenting}

3:00am – Anna calls from her room “Mama!”  She talks for a few minutes and is back to sleep

5:51am – Thomas calls from his room saying something fell out of his bed. Now I’m up and he’s up – we go snuggle in my bed

6:15 am – Now Henry’s asking if he can come into my room ( this isn’t the norm as he usually sleeps until 7 or later; now T, he is our early bird)

We all ‘snuggle’ in bed for 10 minutes or so until we head downstairs as I’m already getting requests for breakfast.

Once downstairs I make myself some coffee before I whip us some pancakes

I put on 1 episode of Bob the Builder for the boys 



7:15 am – Anna Joy is awake


Madame Crazy Hair as we call her 

7:30 am –  Breakfast is served; sprinkle pancakes as requested by Henry 

8 am – We load in the car to take Thomas to his play goup ( he just loves his ‘school’ and Ms. Erika )

8:30 am – Once back home we paint a few cards for cousin Bridget’s 13th Birthday since  we are heading  to Grandma Crit’s house this morning to play with Bridget






I make myself a smoothie for the road ( have you had your bee pollen today?) 

9:30 am – We pack in the car once again and drive the 10 minutes to Grandma Crit’s (I have a repeat Gyn appt (they didn’t get enough cells the last time ) this morning so Grandma and Bridget are watching the kiddos)

10:30 am – I leave and go to my 10:45 am appointment; it takes 20 minutes then I go back to Crit’s for lunch and to pick up the kids

12:30 pm – We pick T up and go home for naps!!


All are quiet and napping I make myself some lunch 



 1:40 pm – Our babysitter arrives because I have a much needed hair appointment 

{Typically the kiddos nap until 3:15 pm or so, later for Anna, and I usually workout, read my book, clean or just rest too}

{Also each day around 3 or 3:30 our babysitter comes to help out since I don’t feel comfortable taking a 3 crazies to the pool/park alone; plus this lets me get dinner in the table without all 3 kiddos hanging on my legs – usually just 1 if she’s there!}

I stop by the grocery store on the way home to grab some essentials

I eat a quick snack in the car before heading home, once home it’s evening crunch time and I don’t get a chance to eat until after the kids are in bed 


Have you tried these – amazing!

4 pm – I arrive home to play/do crafts with the kids

4:45 pm – I start making dinner; grilled chicken, seven grains mix and steamed broccoli and cauliflower 

5:15 pm – Dinner is served ( amongst our crafting area ) 


Henry’s slightly obsessed with drawing trains or tracing them from the iPad

6:15 pm – I take Thomas and Anna upstairs for bath ( either our bath tubs at our rental house are small or my children are growing but squeezing 3 in at once is a bit tight )
{At this point, my night is getting away from me and I forget to take more photos}

6:30 pm – I warm up some milk for Anna and we go into her room for cuddles before bed, she’s out by 6:45 pm

Once downstairs I relieve our babysitter.

7:00 pm – I give Henry a bath all alone ( he loves this), Thomas watches one show on the couch

7:15 pm – Brush teeth and upstairs we go to read books.  The boys have separate rooms at this point ( that will change in Atlanta ) so I read them each a few books before lights out

7:30 pm – I’m back downstairs eating some dinner, in somewhat of a quiet atmosphere as Thomas usually has some sort of request; Henry on the other hand is usually out in 5 minutes

I clean up the main floor

8:30 pm – I head upstairs, get ready for bed and read my book in bed waiting for daddy to call

9:30 pm – Lights out for me too

The next time I wake up is to hear Thomas at 6:15 am – wow it’s amazing how one feels after a great nights sleep