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The new house 

16 Apr

Ahh after 6 days of solo parenting our 3 kiddos (5, 4 and 2), I’m finally sitting down mid afternoon on a Saturday while everyone ( including the Hubby who just returned from a red eye this morning from Cali ) is either napping or having quiet time.

It’s been a little over 4 months in our new house and I’m loving it more and more each day!  I truly miss our European life, the culture and my friends in Switzerland, but having our own place with a yard is bliss ( especially with boys )!

We bought our house last July and fell in love with the area and the ‘bones’ of the house.  The layout was perfect it just needed some major updating.  While updating the house we lived in an apartment just down the road and that was tough…for 4 whole months! 

The kitchen is our favorite space in a house for many reasons; we love to cook, we entertain a lot and no matter what everyone always congregates in a kitchen regardless of size.  We completely gutted the kitchen down to the studs and myself and Henry designed the new kitchen on our own!  It was a huge project but also a lot of fun!  Along with this, we renovated all bathrooms except the master (which was new), closed a wall that was open on the top half of the living room ( like a railing that showed the second floor but also made it so that you could hear everything upstairs, no bueno for kiddos!), opened the entry way to our basement, added a mudroom with lockers, took out a wall in the boys room ( I love how it looks; gives both of them their own space! )and repainted the entire house!

Our items arrived from PA and Switzerland the Monday before thanksgiving week and all boxes from Switzerland were labeled in German although we spoke French there!  Each box was its own surprise and the truck from PA had been in storage for 3 years: early Christmas?!?!  ( The movers lost an entire crate of ours containing our king bed, a 12 foot sideboard table, a 1800s high boy that Henry’s father refinished for our wedding present (and held our China), all oriental rugs, etc.  It was/still is a huge bummer.

Anyway before I get away from myself here are some photos of the new casa:


Our new kitchen


Upstairs guest bedroom


View walking in through garage and side door



Side wine/coffee bar


Basement living room


Basement guest bathroom


Basement playroom


The boys room


Downstairs guest room/Henry’s train room 😉


View walking into kitchen from front


Anna’s room


Master bedroom (don’t mind the mess, we just got our bed delivered)


Upstairs guest bath

Enjoy the tour


Life in transition

12 Apr

Well well it’s been almost 6 months since my last post. I promise I blinked a few times and here we are.

Here’s a month by month recap.

September 2015:

  • The boys started preschool at Saint Brigids Day School; Henry’s in the young 5s program and Thomas is in 3s program.  They both go each morning from 8:45-12:30    
  • The construction/renovations officially started in our new home   
  • Henry and Thomas started soccer and tball, they really liked the program they were in