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Teepee Cupcakes for Henry’s Thanksgiving lunch at school

21 Nov

Cut holes in throw away tin, fill cones 2/3 full with batter and bake for 10-12 minutes

Cutting the rounded cupcake off so that it would stand up

Cut the tip off while still hot and insert pretzels
Finished product

Oh Henry

21 Nov

New love: Cutting playdoh

Doesn’t he look so sweet and innocent in the first picture? Well last Thursday when I picked him up from school, one of the teachers was standing in the hallway waiting for me – never a good sign!  She started by saying that Henry didn’t have the best day.  During snack time, Henry decided that he didn’t want to drink his water and then proceeded to dump the cup of water over Daphne’s head!  The craziest part was that she didn’t say who’s head, however when Henry woke up from his nap that afternoon, clear as day he stated “Mommy, I pour water on Daphne’s head, Henry cried!”  I guess once the teacher said his name, he started crying because he knew it wasn’t a good thing – little stinker!  I think the root of his behavior stemmed from daddy being gone, because Thursday was day 11 of daddy being away.

Yesterday when I picked him up from school, I was talking to the teacher about his day, which was great.  I peaked over and he and Daphne are talking, I couldn’t understand what he was saying because of the distance between us.  After he was done talking, Daphne threw her head back in laughter while covering her mouth – like a little school girl.  I almost died…with laughter.

I now believe Daphne is Henry’s first crush…and I have a feeling that Daphne feels the same way….and they are 2!

Crazy hat hair

Look at that hair 🙂

Solo Parenting

9 Nov

Today marks day 5 out of 12 that Henry is away in London, Dublin and then Munich.  With this whole Visa issue (the reason we are back in the States) he has to cluster his meetings abroad to get the work done to the fullest.  So he was home for 2 weeks and now he is away for 2 weeks and it will continue through December.  

It’s so hard with him being away.  He’s a 5-6 hour time difference, he’s super busy and Henry just keeps saying “Mommy, I want my daddy to come back!”  It breaks my heart, and to think we still have another week until we see him…ugh. 

To break up the weeks, Henry’s mom came on Wednesday with his Aunt and niece and nephew to have lunch.  That really helped out!  On top of that, my parents are coming for the weekend with Magnie…as Henry calls her.  After the weekend I just have to muscle through the following week and then daddy will be home until December!

Solo parenting isn’t one bit easy and I don’t know how people do it all the time.  I probably shouldn’t complain because I have Henry in school Monday – Friday from 8:30-12:30 and some days have a mother’s helper come to help out with the boys so I can do baths, dinner and bedtime…and to save my sanity!

7 more days and you better believe it…I’m counting down!

Xoxo Tara

Home for the holidays

3 Nov

A week later and I’m now able to get back into posting.  We arrived back into Philadelphia last Thursday afternoon, and again the transition went pretty well.  The flight (and day) was loooonnng, but we mustered through it!

Last Thursday our morning started at 4:30 am Swiss time (10:30pm Eastern time) and after a 3 hour drive to the airport (worth it for the direct flight), checking in with 2 kiddos, 2 carseats, 5 checked bags and us, an 8 hour flight and then long lines at immigration in Philly, a stop at Target (essential to pick up the necessities like milk, bread etc), we were back home by 3:30/4pm Eastern time – yes that’s an almost 18 hour day of traveling.

The first night went fairly well – the boys were just so exhausted and by day 3 everyone was back on their schedules.

Friday Henry has his Halloween party at school and he had a blast seeing everyone again! They had a bunch of stations with different prizes at each.

Sunday we drove home to Camp Hill to see both of our parents and Henry’s sister and her 10 kiddos – it was like a huge playdate for little Hen!  We only stayed the day just because we wanted the boys to get some good rest…and the hurricane was coming.

Monday the storm started and Henry’s school was cancelled so we enjoyed a day of cuddling while the winds blew and the rain just kept coming.  By night, the winds were 60-70 mph and then by 9 pm we lost electricity.  That made for a long Tuesday morning just because it stays dark so long and the boys were up and playing by candle light.  We played so hard that Henry fell asleep on me at 11:30am – that hasn’t happened in a long time.  By noon the electricity was back on and we were super excited…it was already getting cold in the house.  We are very lucky because a lot of people are still without it and it’s pretty chilly out.

Yesterday was Halloween and it was nice to be home for it!  They don’t really celebrate it in Switzerland, so I quickly put together some costumes since I hadn’t planned on trick or treating.  Henry was “John Deere” or a farmer and Thomas was a cow.  Henry had such a fun time ringing all the door bells and saying trick or treat and “Happy Halloween!”  We went out with neighbors and their 5 month old daughter and then we all ended up at another neighbors house for a few beers while the kiddos played.  Such a great night. Once we got home, which was still pretty early, Henry (John Deere) handed out the candy.  Along with that, he also invited everyone into our house by saying “Come on in to our house and play!”  All the kids (which were older) got a big kick out of that!

Alex (our neighbor) took all the photos so here are the ones I have for now, more to come!

Ladies man

Too cute

Hey mom…

Alex, Missy and I with the babes



Deb and Len’s house

Showing off his bambaids


Henry was loving Halloween prep!