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Photos for 52; weeks 1 and 2

17 Jan

Gosh, one of these days life will settle itself down just a little right?? I feel as if we are still in a whirlwind of changes around here and we haven’t quite mastered our new routine. Anyway, I’ve been trying to do this ‘Photos for 52’ as I will call it from my phone and for some reason it’s not letting me post the photos, not much good that does me. I’ve seen this idea on a bunch of blogs I follow and thought it would be a great way for me to improve my photo skills and keep up with this blog a little more frequently 🙂
Wouldn’t you know it, before we left Switzerland to move back to the good ole US of A, we planned an impromptu trip to Praque (a city I longed to visit since the hubby has a lot of history there; he hitchhiked all throughout Europe in his early 20s, started a business in Bratislava, yada yada yada), and why not since it was just an hour flight from where we were living. Well we made it happen and it has since become my favorite city! The point I’m trying to make is that we climbed all the steps in the Charles Bridge tower only to get to the top and find out that our good camera (which had worked the night before) didn’t work! Bummer! Thank the Lord for iPhones 🙂
Well that’s getting fixed as we speak so you’ll have to forgive me for my photo quality.

Week 1/52:



For the record, Henry doesn’t ‘prefer’ to wear pants around the house so forgive his immodest appearance



Week 2/52:




Tonight we head back over to Switzerland to help the movers pack and get our things ready to come back here. Wish us luck on our last flight over there for awhile, thankfully only with Anna this time!