Solo Parenting

9 Nov

Today marks day 5 out of 12 that Henry is away in London, Dublin and then Munich.  With this whole Visa issue (the reason we are back in the States) he has to cluster his meetings abroad to get the work done to the fullest.  So he was home for 2 weeks and now he is away for 2 weeks and it will continue through December.  

It’s so hard with him being away.  He’s a 5-6 hour time difference, he’s super busy and Henry just keeps saying “Mommy, I want my daddy to come back!”  It breaks my heart, and to think we still have another week until we see him…ugh. 

To break up the weeks, Henry’s mom came on Wednesday with his Aunt and niece and nephew to have lunch.  That really helped out!  On top of that, my parents are coming for the weekend with Magnie…as Henry calls her.  After the weekend I just have to muscle through the following week and then daddy will be home until December!

Solo parenting isn’t one bit easy and I don’t know how people do it all the time.  I probably shouldn’t complain because I have Henry in school Monday – Friday from 8:30-12:30 and some days have a mother’s helper come to help out with the boys so I can do baths, dinner and bedtime…and to save my sanity!

7 more days and you better believe it…I’m counting down!

Xoxo Tara


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