Photo a day (Catch up!)

4 Dec

photo challengeI’m stealing this idea from my cousin, 3 days late.

I feel like this will encourage me to do more posts 🙂  Life here is crazy busy with the movers coming tomorrow to get everything that will be shipped via sea to Switzerland.  Henry left Sunday night for another 12 days, so I’ll be doing this solo…with two crazy boys in the mixture.  Anyway, let’s play catch up!

Day 1 – My view


We did a couple last minute photos for the Christmas card on Saturday morning – Henry was teaching Thomas about Jesus


Day 2 – Favorite Holiday Movie

I love Miracle on 34th Street – I highly doubt Henry or Thomas would sit still to watch it.  On Sunday we did watch a little bit of the Caillou Holiday Movie – Henry loves all things Caillou 🙂  Sunday Morning we decorated our artificial tree – we opted out of getting the typical huge real tree (which my dear hubby usually picks out) and just decorated the tree that’s usually in our foyer.  The boys just love having a tree – no matter how big or small!

Decorating the tree with my boys

Decorating the tree with my boys


Day 3 – Red

The rug and curtains have a shade of red in them – does that count?  Anyway, this is what our formal living room looked like around 9 am yesterday, and now it’s packed to the brim full of furniture.  None of our furniture will fit in our apartment in Switzerland, so we had to buy new, and buy it here since everything is ridiculously expensive there.


After the first of 3 deliveries yesterday


Ok – I’m caught up for now. I’ll be back later to do todays topic – joyous!


One Response to “Photo a day (Catch up!)”

  1. Heather December 5, 2012 at 4:09 am #

    I can’t believe how big Thomas is getting! Is he walking yet or just standing in the first picture?

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