Shopping – Day 6

7 Dec


All the ingredients

Just in time for my parents to come for the weekend!!

Yesterday I headed to the mall to get the little man (Henry) some new jeans at Gap.  Being the boy that he is, he has now worn through not 1 but 2 pairs of jeans – the knees are just ginormous holes!  Baby Gap has a great sale this weekend, 30% off everything in the store – I deal I couldn’t shy away from.  I was able to get him 2 new pairs for just $15 each!

After our mall trip, Thomas and I headed to the grocery store to get all of our ingredients for the weekend.  With Henry (daddy) being away, my parents took the afternoon off today and are heading up for the weekend.  We all know that when my mom’s in town – we bake!  We don’t plan to do our extravagant Christmas spread like we typically do, however the two main items on our list; cut out sugar cookies and chex mix.

I hope everyone has a great weekend





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