31 week update

24 Sep

I had my 31 week appointment this morning and purposefully scheduled it while my parents were here.  Henry typically goes to my appointments with me, however this time I invited my mom to come because I thought it would be somewhat special for her to see baby girl on ultrasound.  It was a crazy busy morning with getting both boys to school, drive back home and then walk to my appointment by 9:30 am, but we did it!

Having an ultrasound each time can be a bit daunting, just because like last time I saw that the baby was lying transverse and you wouldn’t typically know that without ultrasound (and it’s completely normal for the baby to be lying that way around 20-26 weeks).  Anyway, we arrived at my appointment and I believe I was the first appointment of the day which is always nice since there isn’t any wait!  The doc and I discussed any issues which should be addressed (which there weren’t any) and then he proceeded with the exam.  He did some blood work to keep on top of my history so this time he’s checking my platelets again, liver enzymes and iron levels

Weight gain: 11 lbs this pregnancy (up 2 lbs from my last appointment 4 weeks ago)

Blood Pressure: 110/70

Heart Rate:  Around 136 ( I actually check it each night with my stethoscope)

Baby’s current position: ROA, so head down, anterior and on my right side

Baby’s current weight: 1560 g or around 3 lbs 4 oz

The weight of the baby was our biggest concern, but she’s growing quite nicely.  I’m still measuring about a week behind via ultrasound, but he’s just guessing it will be a small baby.  He’s guessing I won’t make it to my due date and if the growth curve stops for some reason, he’ll just induce since growth outside of the womb is typically better towards the end of pregnancy.  Next appointment is in 2 weeks so we’ll just pray that she continues to grow!

Also, at the end of the ultrasound he reconfirmed that it is indeed a girl 🙂

I’ll post some pics later


2 Responses to “31 week update”

  1. Heather September 24, 2013 at 7:55 pm #

    Hooray! Sounds like all is going well overall. I agree, it’s got to be a double-edge sword to see her every appointment via ultrasound. Nice to see her and know she’s doing okay in there, but also nerve-racking to see things that you probably would never know otherwise (like how they’re positioned).

    I wonder if you’ll be early and I’ll be late .. and both babies will be born at the same time! Right now, I feel absolutely no pressure or reason to believe I’d be early. We shall see….

  2. Jes October 2, 2013 at 6:17 am #

    Sounds like everything is going great! If she is a small baby I may need to ship you some of my teeny tiny baby clothes from Fin. Although she wasn’t that small coming home at 5lbs 15oz. you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find cute clothes to fit tiny babies. She just drowned in newborn clothes and can just now start filling them out nicely after being a month old! Oh the joys of having tiny babies :)!

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