We took the plunge…

30 Oct

That is…to hire a nanny.  This is something I knew we had to do, I’ve just been holding off on it because I feel so guilty about it.  With living abroad, having a new baby (in the winter months mind you), no family around, busy, busy boys and daddy traveling, amongst other factors, it’s a must.  A big factor that has been weighing on me (and Henry); what if I go into labor in the middle of the night??  The last thing I want to be doing is worrying about the boys.  I mean, I’m sure I’ll worry about them, but if they are in good hands I’ll be much more at ease.  This is why we hired her now.  I want for the boys to get ‘use’ to her before the big event, whenever that may be.

The process of hiring a nanny has been stressful in and of itself.  We really didn’t want a live-in nanny, however with our schedule and the unknown of my impending labor, having someone already here is a bonus.  I think we interviewed close to 20 ‘nannies’.  I liked a couple of them, but never got the ‘right’ feeling from any of them…until last week.  I didn’t want to hire someone just to have an extra set of hands, I wanted for them to be nurturing, professional, educated, clean (crazy enough a few were so unkept at the interviews) and to share the same core values as our family.

The girl we hired, we’ll call her M, is a professional nanny.  She’s originally from Poland, however she has just finished a 2 year job in London and prior to that was in London as well.  This is a was a big factor, being able to speak fluent English.  With the boys, I never wanted them to misunderstood due to language because that would just cause frustration on both ends.  M speaks fluent English, Polish, French and German.  She seems very sweet, however we’ve never met in person.  I found her through the nanny agency here in Switzerland therefore a background check has been done, she’s CPR and first aid certified, has great references, was interviewed by the company and we were able to interview her via Skype.

Well Friday marks November 1st and that’s when we ideally wanted someone to start, so she flies in tomorrow evening.  She’ll be staying in one of our guest rooms for at least 6 months ( to help me through the winter months ) and then we’ll go from there.  She’ll mostly be helping out with the boys and just staying with the baby while I run both boys to school in the mornings ( or she may take them ), just so the baby doesn’t have to be exposed to the elements and all the sick kiddos.  She will be here on weekends if we ever want to go out for dinner or such and she’s also going to be traveling with us, which will be an added bonus with the boys.  Occasionally we may travel with the baby just for the weekend and she’s stay with the boys.  I’m just happy that the boys will have a familiar face if/when we do these activities, it just makes it easier for all of us.

I still feel REALLY guilty about this, but once the baby arrives I think I’m going to realize just how important and vital this decision is/was.



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