Grow baby Grow

18 Nov

Little Miss Anna Joy is 9 days old today.  The midwife from the hospital has been coming every few days to check on her weight and to see how we’re doing in general.  In the beginning I was a bit concerned because if I were to let her, Anna would sleep through some of her feedings.  As nice as that sounds, with her being so small I want for her to get as much as possible.  Also, when babies are born early, they are much more sleepy because they grow in their sleep.

Our pediatrician predicts based on Anna’s development right at birth (creases on feet, ears and genitals are a sign of weeks of gestation) that she was closer to 36 weeks at birth.  That makes more sense to me as well, based on my date that I initially calculated.  Also, the ultrasounds at the doctor’s office always said 1 week earlier than said week.

Today the midwife came at 2:30 pm and Anna hadn’t eaten since 12:45pm and she is now up to 5 lbs 1.6 oz – that’s 1) more than her birth weight by 1 oz and 2) 4 oz greater than the weight we had on Friday.  This weight was also prior to her feeding, which again is excellent.

This makes me feel so much more at ease knowing she’s getting what her body needs!

And here are a few photos from the past few days:


My little cheeser, T, with Anna and I


Reading Corduroy (one of Henry’s favorite books) to Anna and Henry


Anna and I after church on Sunday


Still in awe that we have this beautiful baby girl


The boys and their daddy




I tried to get a 1 week photo – Anna wasn’t having it!


All tuckered out after her weigh in today


A selfie before bed last night…daddy is in love


One Response to “Grow baby Grow”

  1. Alex November 18, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    She is adorable! I had to laugh at her covering her ears, she’ll get used to her rowdy brothers soon. 🙂

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