Dinner for 26

11 Oct

We hosted Henry’s team for one of their annual dinners. At the dinner last year I was very pregnant, this year Anna was able to enjoy an hour of the party before she went to bed!

As usual we just do the shopping (besides the wine in which the man from Paris is always in charge of) and his team divides and conquers the rest! We had a great menu this year; gazpacho to start, leeks and scallops, mashed potato with cod atop a whole wheat baguette for appetizers; broccoli sautéed with garlic and tomatoes, grilled cedar plank salmon and a 6lb filet roast. For dessert his team member from Milan made tiramisu from scratch – amazing!! We also had an apple tart/pie with vanilla ice cream.

The 2 guys from the US are always in charge of cleanup because they did such a great job their first time (their own fault 😉).

It was such a wonderful evening and his team had such a wonderful time. The weather couldn’t have been any better either! It’s very un-European to invite a lot of people to your house for dinner so it’s a good change for his team…puts them at ease a bit.





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