Halloween in Switzerland 2014

4 Nov

To be honest, we really didn’t have any halloween plans this year besides fun food for dinner. It’s not really celebrated here, so although I felt like the worst mom ever, it was going to be just a typical Friday night.
Thursday afternoon a friend of mine (strangely enough from Philadelphia!) invited us to their village for chili, hotdogs and trick or treating! The boys were ecstatic when I told them the news!
Friday afternoon the boys had a play date and then after we made mummy dogs fir dinner – even though they were serving dinner that night. We dressed up in the boys Batman costumes ( a party favor from a recent birthday party ) and hopped in the car. As bad as it sounds, we left Anna with the nanny since we were leaving the house at 6 and she’s usually in bed by 6:15/6:30 pm. She missed her first halloween but I know she was much happier being home!
We arrived in time for some food (I decided to bring jalepeno cornbread muffins to pair with the chili) before we headed out as a group of about 10 kids + parents. It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves. T was a bit shy at first but then when he saw what happens, he was right there up front saying ‘trick or treat!’
We headed back to our place around 8 pm, just enough time for baths and bed.

The kids got maybe 10-15 pieces of candy and thought they were in heaven, just wait until we are able to do trick or treating in America…they won’t believe it





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