Oh Internet…how you’ve been missed

3 Feb

It’s actually bittersweet, but yes we now officially have internet here in Switzerland.  It’s a whole process of getting registered within the Canton (kind of like a county), then waiting for the official paperwork and cards to come in the mail, then you are able to go and get a phone and Internet.  By saying this, we are officially legit here too!

Stay tuned for many posts to catch you all up on our past 3 weeks here.


Here are some photos of last weekend and this following week!  We celebrated Thomas’s 1st Birthday at the Chalet with the other family that’s here from Colorado.  On Sunday we did our first day of ski school – and we had so much fun!

On Wednesday we went to the park and when we got back I took Henry’s shoes and socks off and he was taking his coat off while I took Thomas out of the stroller, and while running and taking his coat off, he got caught up in his coat, tripped and split his chin open on our tile floor.  I took him to the Children’s Hospital here in Lausanne and 3 stitches later, you’d never know anything happened to him!

Okay, we’re off to the International Balloon Festival, more updates to come!!

Enjoy some photos 🙂


Happy 1 year Birthday to the sweetest boy!


Not quite sure of his new car


Birthday Cupcake – Swiss Style


Henry loving the snow – he looks so innocent


T and I with the Dents du Midi in the background


Flying with Daddy


Love my boys


Family Photo – of course with the sled too


Henry, Thomas and Wyatt playing at the chalet




The trucks always make them happy


Henry post 3 stitches


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