International Balloon Festival

6 Feb

This past weekend we decided not to go to our chalet in the mountains due to the fact that Henry had 3 stitches in his chin and our luck something would have happened to them.  It’s alway high activity up at the chalet 🙂  It was a great weekend with a lot of family time, walks, parks and sunshine!  On Saturday we discovered a park that’s not even a 10 minute walk away.  It’s such a great one too with a little toddler pool for summertime, swings, wooden train house with slide, a fun merry go round, a few more playground toys and it also has a little fenced in zoo.  It’s amazing what you find at the parks here.  The park we had been going to (Park Mon Repos) is a bird park and has over 6 huge bird cages with a variety of beautiful birds.  We always visit it before and after the playground.  Anyway, Saturday was just an all around great day.  The hubby and I ended the evening with our first fire in the living room, the glass doors open and the snow falling outside – perfection!

On Sunday we walked to a new church that was about 20 minutes away, grabbed a few chocolate croissants at the neighborhood bakery on the way home, had a little lunch and playtime and packed the car for a fun afternoon!  The balloon festival was about 1 hour 20 minutes away which was perfect for the boys to catch a nice nap.  The town the festival was held in was the balloon capital of Switzerland and absolutely beautiful.  The event was cancelled on Saturday due to heavy snow, which made a great day for us on Sunday.  They had a couple huge sledding hills for the kiddos with some nice new powder 🙂  We arrived just in time for the air show and then next was the colorful balloon flight along with helicopter rides.  We had a great spot to watch all the action, right in between the helicopter pad and the pad where the balloons took off from.  It was like a huge carnival, all with food from all over Europe, beer, you name it.


Here are few of the photos we captured.


Such a beautiful day


Paragliders and Balloons


The balloons getting ready for take off


Just hanging out


Looking high in the sky


Watching the balloons take off


My love bug


The old town church




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