Loving this weather

15 Apr

The weather has finally taken a turn here and it’s simply beautiful.  Saturday morning we headed to the city to hit the market and grab some fresh produce and stop in a few stores.  After our morning errands, we went to the ‘bird park’ which is nearby our house.  Thomas napped in the stroller while Henry played in the sand. Saturday afternoon, Henry and I had a ‘day date’ plan and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.  We ran a few errands around the city (trying to decorate the place), walked down to the lake, had a super early dinner and then slowly walked home…it was amazing.  The weather was around 65 degrees – Perfect!

Sunday we went to church then headed down to the Port de Pully or the Marina.  First we ate a very nice lunch and the boys were tremendous, then we strolled over to the park and played for a good 2 hours.  This park is great, it had a little train that the kiddos can ride on (I may have mentioned this before) and this is probably bad to say but to our luck it was their lunch break.  When the train is working, Henry just wants to keep riding it over and over again and that’s fine, but we like for him to get his energy out.  Instead of riding the train, he just pretended to be a train and walked all over the park on the tracks.  This park is right on the lake, I mean you have to be a bit careful it’s so close.  Another great perk to this park is the fresh gelato and sorbetto stand…to die for!  We made it home for naps and both boys cooperated and napped at the same time.  After nap we headed to the park nearby our house.  Funny enough one of Henry’s classmates was there so we played with then the entire time.  The little boy is 3 and his sister is 18 months, perfect combination for us.  They are from South Africa, I love meeting everyone here just because they all have such interesting backgrounds.  Anyway, we had a such a fun time at the park and the kids were beat by the time we came home!

This weather is suppose to continue for the next 10 days at least and that makes me super happy!  I hope you all had a great weekend!


Day date on Lake Geneva


T and daddy at Pully Park


What a magnificent view


Afternoon at the park with my boys…yes that’s typical of Henry 🙂


T walking along the lake


Cheesin for daddy on our patio


Our attempt at a photo


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