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5 Jun

Wow I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve posted.   Things have been quite busy around here so I’ll just do an update on the big items.

This post I’ll focus on the biggest event so far!

We did it again.  Our trip to the Islands in February landed a little bambino/a in my belly.  It’s crazy how that happens, a week without kiddos and little peace and quiet and there you have it!

We found out Easter weekend, but I just knew I was prego.  We are thrilled to welcome Baby C #3 in late November of this year.

While on this topic, I’ll explain the process here in Switzerland.  I found an amazing doctor who’s actually from Salt Lake City, Utah and now practices over here. He takes patients with private insurance (remember it’s socalized healthcare over here).  He’s amazing and specializes in high risk pregnancies so he was the perfect match for me.  He does all his own ultrasounds in office so each time I go I get a new photo of the baby.  I’ve been 3 times already and it’s amazing to see how much the baby has grown.  I’m going every few weeks with my history, just to be safe.  Towards the end I will also tour the University (Public) hospital just in case I deliver before 34 weeks, where the private hospital doesn’t due to the lack of a higher lever NICU.

Here’s the hospital where I most likely will deliver:


In Switzerland, a mother with a natural birth stays 5 days, and c-section 7 days.  I’ve heard that if you feel good, you can request to go home after 2 days with a vaginal birth.  Each room is like a 5 star hotel, complete with your own chef.  Amazing right?!?!

Photos of Baby C #3:


8 weeks


11 weeks


13 weeks


And for me, I’m feeling pretty well.  The first 13 weeks were a bit rough with the non-stop nausea, but that’s getting better with only a few bouts here and there.

Weight gain: Around 3 pounds so far

Aversions: Nothing really, the first 12 weeks eating veggies was quite hard for me (which is rare because I live on veggies).  Beer, usually I salivate for a nice Guinness, however now alcohol doesn’t even sound good

Cravings: Recently it’s been non-stop fruits and veggies (as I sit here eating an orange and 2 kiwis), that and dried fruit and nuts.  On top of that it’s the usual: Sushi

Photos; not big changes yet:


8 weeks prego

8 weeks prego


15 weeks prego


One Response to “Big news”

  1. Jen June 7, 2013 at 3:50 pm #

    Congrats on baby #3!!! So excited for your family!!

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