Photos for 52; weeks 3 and 4

5 Feb

Phew, we are finally settled into our own place for the time in 6 weeks. We are renting a home near our parents until July and we just moved in this past weekend. It was great staying with our parents, but having your own place is always so much better.

Another thing off the checklist: Henry is doing a shadow day at Harrisburg Academy in the Junior Kindergarten class. For the past 5 weeks or so, I’ve been touring it feels like every school in the area. Anyway, we bundled and packed everyone into the car this morning (since daddy’s out of town) and he’s there today from 8am – 3 pm as it’s a full day program, so we’ll see how it goes.

Oh yeah, and we also did our final trip to Switzerland in this time period – another item off the checklist

Now onto the photos:

Week 3 was obviously filled with Anna pics since she joined us in our final trip to Europe. We arrived just in time for Thomas’ 3rd Birthday and had our first snow since we arrived in America.  Sorry they are out of order 😦


T let Henry open a few of his gifts




Wouldn’t you know, we arrived in Switzerland and Anna decided it was time to walk



Enjoying a powdered donut



T helping daddy shovel



Henry’s snowman



Anna mesmerized by all the snow





Photos for 52; weeks 1 and 2

17 Jan

Gosh, one of these days life will settle itself down just a little right?? I feel as if we are still in a whirlwind of changes around here and we haven’t quite mastered our new routine. Anyway, I’ve been trying to do this ‘Photos for 52’ as I will call it from my phone and for some reason it’s not letting me post the photos, not much good that does me. I’ve seen this idea on a bunch of blogs I follow and thought it would be a great way for me to improve my photo skills and keep up with this blog a little more frequently 🙂
Wouldn’t you know it, before we left Switzerland to move back to the good ole US of A, we planned an impromptu trip to Praque (a city I longed to visit since the hubby has a lot of history there; he hitchhiked all throughout Europe in his early 20s, started a business in Bratislava, yada yada yada), and why not since it was just an hour flight from where we were living. Well we made it happen and it has since become my favorite city! The point I’m trying to make is that we climbed all the steps in the Charles Bridge tower only to get to the top and find out that our good camera (which had worked the night before) didn’t work! Bummer! Thank the Lord for iPhones 🙂
Well that’s getting fixed as we speak so you’ll have to forgive me for my photo quality.

Week 1/52:



For the record, Henry doesn’t ‘prefer’ to wear pants around the house so forgive his immodest appearance



Week 2/52:




Tonight we head back over to Switzerland to help the movers pack and get our things ready to come back here. Wish us luck on our last flight over there for awhile, thankfully only with Anna this time!

Big move, big changes

23 Dec

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve Eve. I also can’t believe I haven’t posted since Halloween, well I do have some excuses.
Around my last post, there was a little (or a lot) of changes happening in Henry’s company. We were initially told that don’t worry, we were staying in Switzerland. Well, that week Henry headed to California for some meetings and he was told that there was a possibility of us moving back. So to make a really long story short; We kept the secret from our family and friends (including parents) for confidentiality reasons and to not let them down if it didn’t happen. That was a 3 1/2 week secret I kept from my mom. When we did find out it was still very confidential, we were able to tell the news, but it wasn’t public until the Wednesday evening before we flew back to America. Thankfully the hubby and I are heading back to Switzerland for the movers mid January and we are then able to celebrate our amazing friendships we made there.
Ironically my very good friend there (are boys are best friends) also got the news they are moving…to Thailand. I see a long plane ride in our future!

It’s a definitely bittersweet. We had so many great trips planned for 2015 that will just have to get postponed a few years! I’m also going to miss so many things about Switzerland; the beauty, friends, simplicity, schools and just our routine. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great being home, we just have to find our new routine.

So we’ve moved to Camp Hill, where both of our parents live, for the next 6 months. We thought it would be a great transition from Europe before we start our new journey in Atlanta. Henry and I traveled to Atlanta last week and found the school we would like the boys to attend, now we just need to start house hunting.

All will come into place with time, I just need to be patient!




Halloween in Switzerland 2014

4 Nov

To be honest, we really didn’t have any halloween plans this year besides fun food for dinner. It’s not really celebrated here, so although I felt like the worst mom ever, it was going to be just a typical Friday night.
Thursday afternoon a friend of mine (strangely enough from Philadelphia!) invited us to their village for chili, hotdogs and trick or treating! The boys were ecstatic when I told them the news!
Friday afternoon the boys had a play date and then after we made mummy dogs fir dinner – even though they were serving dinner that night. We dressed up in the boys Batman costumes ( a party favor from a recent birthday party ) and hopped in the car. As bad as it sounds, we left Anna with the nanny since we were leaving the house at 6 and she’s usually in bed by 6:15/6:30 pm. She missed her first halloween but I know she was much happier being home!
We arrived in time for some food (I decided to bring jalepeno cornbread muffins to pair with the chili) before we headed out as a group of about 10 kids + parents. It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves. T was a bit shy at first but then when he saw what happens, he was right there up front saying ‘trick or treat!’
We headed back to our place around 8 pm, just enough time for baths and bed.

The kids got maybe 10-15 pieces of candy and thought they were in heaven, just wait until we are able to do trick or treating in America…they won’t believe it




And some days I just want to go to Target…

24 Oct

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a post about things I miss. This idea came to mind last week when our entire home ( minus Anna ) had the stomach bug. T started it off on a Saturday morning around 1:36 am and didn’t go back to sleep until his ( earlier than usual ) nap at 11:30 am…oh and he only wanted mommy 😥. We set up camp on the couch, then the floor, then back to the couch but he was just so uncomfortable. Once he ate later in the morning he seemed fine. I kept him inside with me for the morning and we got him out in the afternoon for some fresh air.  We thought we were in the clear and had a nice family day on Sunday.  Monday night after baths, Henry just stood over the toilet saying his “tummy was being naughty.”  We were reading stories and getting ready to head to his bedroom at 7:30 and wouldn’t you know, he stopped in the bathroom and started vomiting.  I hadn’t felt good all day and really didn’t eat anything and around 9 pm that evening I was sick.  Of course Henry had just left for Germany so it was a sick mommy to take care of a sick 4 year old…the worst feeling.  Even worse, Henry landed in Germany and started throwing up as well.  UGH!

Tuesday I was feeling much better and little Henry and I had a bum day of doing crafts, coloring, watching a movie and just laying around.   Wednesday morning Henry was all better and ready to go back to school, but our nanny was now sick.  I gave her the day off so she could quarantine herself and after taking Henry to school, Thomas, Anna and I went outside to get some fresh air.  By Wednesday afternoon everyone was better and I had now disinfected our place 3 times!  I really couldn’t eat anything until the weekend, but now I’m good as new.

Ok so back to the things I’m missing lately:

  • It’s now Autumn so I’m missing all things fall…pumpkins, apple cider donuts, apple cider, pumpkin patches.  They sell pumpkins here but it’s just not the same
  • Again, the weather is getting cold and I’m missing my US coffee – the big ole cup of java.  We have a Nespresso which we love, but somedays I just want a coffee with some kind of special creamer in it!
  • Kids clothes.  Henry’s actually in San Fran this week and he took an extra suitcase because buying kids clothes here isn’t as much fun…plus they are ridiculously priced – 1 sleeper can be upwards of $60!!!!
  • Of course, FAMILY, especially when the kids are sick – you just want to be able to call home!  2 more months until we are home for the holidays
  • Target, now that’s a give in.  I mean you an go there and get pretty much anything you need or want!

I have to cut this short since Anna is waking, more later!  But before I get off, when you are missing home, just look out your window and know all will be ok!










Dinner for 26

11 Oct

We hosted Henry’s team for one of their annual dinners. At the dinner last year I was very pregnant, this year Anna was able to enjoy an hour of the party before she went to bed!

As usual we just do the shopping (besides the wine in which the man from Paris is always in charge of) and his team divides and conquers the rest! We had a great menu this year; gazpacho to start, leeks and scallops, mashed potato with cod atop a whole wheat baguette for appetizers; broccoli sautéed with garlic and tomatoes, grilled cedar plank salmon and a 6lb filet roast. For dessert his team member from Milan made tiramisu from scratch – amazing!! We also had an apple tart/pie with vanilla ice cream.

The 2 guys from the US are always in charge of cleanup because they did such a great job their first time (their own fault 😉).

It was such a wonderful evening and his team had such a wonderful time. The weather couldn’t have been any better either! It’s very un-European to invite a lot of people to your house for dinner so it’s a good change for his team…puts them at ease a bit.




My new promise

9 Oct

The baby is sleeping, the kitchen is clean and the laundry is in – now for a little mommy time.

Ok so I’ve started my Greece post far too many times, only to come back and finish and it’s no where to be found.

I’ve made a little promise to myself that I’m going to blog at least once a week, little or big, but blog.

So here goes, a little recap on Greece.

We landed in Switzerland on a Wednesday in August from the US and then left again that Saturday for Greece. Luckily I had finished all of our laundry at my parents house before we flew home so packing for Greece wasn’t really that bad (I mean I still had to pack for 3 children, Henry and I).
We left for Greece that Saturday afternoon and 2 1/2 hours later (isn’t that crazy!) we were in Elounda, Crete, Greece. It was quite dark when we arrived, we had room service to make it easy and then put all the kids (and ourselves) to bed. The next morning we woke to utter beauty. It was a scorcher already at 8 am so we had ourselves a quick breakfast and headed straight to the beach/pool. This was basically our routine each day, with a few days being exceptions where we did a few excursions. The kids were in heaven and were full of smiles all week.

Each afternoon while T and A napped, we would take Henry on a little trip into town for lunch all by himself. Towards the end of the week, he would stay and have quiet time as the sun really exhausted them!

Wednesday afternoon we rented a boat for the family and our captain took us out and around a few other islands for 3 hours. We were able to snorkel (with the kids!), enjoy a cocktail (as much as you can enjoy it when you’re trying to keep the kids from falling into the sea) and little Henry even got to fish! It was a lot of fun. Our captain was very informative and even taught little Henry had to drive the boat – he was so excited!

Thursday during nap, Henry and I rented a speed boat to go and explore by ourselves. I was a bit nervous to say the least, I mean Henry really doesn’t drive boats ever, especially off the island of Crete in the sea! I relaxed about halfway in and we found a really great cove to do some snorkeling.

Friday morning Henry and I took the first boat over to Spinalonga (the island across from us) and walked around and enjoyed the history.

The food in Greece was to die for. A few nights we took everyone into town and enjoyed an early dinner and a few nights we ordered room service for our nanny and the kids and we would go out alone. I had at least one Greek salad a day, if not more, the feta was just that good!!

Now for a little photo diary of our trip: